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Our History

The Batangas Eastern Academy, Inc. is the pioneer in secondary education in San Juan. It is situated in the easternmost part of the Batangas province, thus the name. As a secondary school of learning its reputation has remained untarnished in all years of its existence. It has turned out thousands of graduates who are now successful in their chosen fields of endeavor here and abroad.

The school was founded by the philanthropist, Mrs. Mercedes Salud de Villa, a civic-spirited citizen of San Juan with a group of prominent  citizens.

On June 12,1940, the first high school was opened as Bolbok Institute but due to geographical location, Bolbok Institute was immediately changed to Batangas Eastern Academy. First enrolment was one hundred twelve (112) students; incorporated by first years, seventy eight (78), and second years thirty four (34). The following year, 1941, permit for a complete high school was secured from the Bureau of Private School. Third and Fourth year courses were offered and enrolment reached almost two hundred. When the Second World War broke out, classes were indefinitely suspended.

The school remained dormant during the times the Japanese Imperial Forces took over the country. The administration did not want the books and other property of the school to be ruined or destroyed. So Mrs. Mercedes S. de Villa brought the books and all, hauled by cart loads to their evacuation places, to the barrios, where the family went and stayed for security.

After the liberation of the country from the Japanese, the Batangas Eastern Academy once again opened its’ doors to students who came from different places. Enrolment was two hundred and fifty (250), which is quite big at that time for a school in its’ infancy stage. Improvements were made on the school’s first building at the exact site owned by Mrs. Mercedes S. de Villa, which the school rented. Rooms were annexed to the old Spanish-type building to accommodate more enrollees.

After World War II, teachers were badly needed in public elementary school. They were forced to accommodate college undergraduates. In 1947, the BEA College Department was established and offered Junior Normal Course leading to the ETC title for teachers. Years later, it offered first and second year levels. It has Training Department for grade one to six and a Home Economics building for the practice teaching of Junior Normal students. In 1958, the college department was phased out and from then, the school concentrated in providing secondary education.

In 1970, the Batangas Eastern Academy once more opened its’ doors to college students offering two-year courses namely the Associate in Arts and Associate in Commercial Science. This too, was an answer to the clamor of parents for college education for their children in San Juan. However, there was unrest in the country. Bombings occurred in the university belt of Manila. Students held rallies and strikes in colleges and university campuses and Martial Law was declared. Parents feared for the safety of their children. Once again, the college department was stopped in 1973.

Another new beginning started in the school year 1991-1992. The couple, Dr. Joaquin M. Salud and Mrs. Libertad V. Salud put up the first “Day Care Center” in the BEA campus with the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Being both civic minded and Mrs. Libertad Salud as a devout educator, along with the encouragement of the parents, felt the need for a Kindergarten class. It was then materialized in the school year of 1992-1993, wherein the first Kindergarten class was offered. The permit to operate the Pre-elementary and Elementary Classes was secured.

On June 6,1994, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for a Consortium between the Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology (PBMIT) and the Batangas Eastern Academy to offer vocational courses took effect. The courses offered were Computer Technology and Office Management with Computer Technology. In 1999, the five-year agreement ended and was not renewed.

The Batangas Eastern Academy Board of Directors decided to once again offer tertiary courses. This decision was based on the proliferation of the national high schools in San Juan. With the efforts of Dr. Generosa S. Jaen, Mrs. Patricia V. Lecaroz, Mrs. Rufina S. Salas together with other school officials, and upon submitting preliminary requirements, the school was granted permit to operate.

In June 2003, the college was opened and offered new courses for the children of San Juan: Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor in Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Major in Banking and Finance).

In 2004, TVET Registered Programs were offered: Six-Month Professional Caregiver Course, One-Year Certified Nursing Aide and a Two-year Diploma in Practical Nursing.

In the school of 2007-2008, Bachelor of Secondary Education majors in Computer Education, Filipino and MAPEH; and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Human Resource Development Management were offered.

The school year of 2009-2010 offered additional programs under TESDA: Two-year Diploma in Computer and Network Technology and Two-year Hotel and Restaurant Management. Later on, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology was added in June 2010.

June 2013, the college department added the program Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management as well as the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies into the list of degree course offerings.

BEC (formerly BEA), now on its 79 years of service to the San Juan community and adjacent towns, is and will continue its commitment to serve God and country. Burning with the passion and its’ meaningful existence purposely for the development of the youth for better citizenry through Quality Education.

Batangas Eastern Colleges has now a complete educational system – Pre-School, K to 12 Department comprised of the Grade School, Junior and Senior High School levels and the College Department.


Batangas Eastern Colleges, for the love of learning, strongly adheres to the belief that an education with solid basic foundation coupled with the formation of values, centered on God for family and community, is the key to individual success and global acceptance.


Batangas Eastern Colleges is greatly responsible in guiding and mentoring individuals by instilling life in education with compassionate heart and devotion for excellence and service.


By purposefully aiming to be the premiere institution of learning, Batangas Eastern Colleges becomes a blessing and an instrument in prospering the lives of its stakeholders as they advance into committed servant leaders for the town of San Juan and the global community.

Core Values

A beacon…
Has a genuine love for others. The light of a beacon points to others, it gives warning, hope and encouragement; guidance-direction and correction.
Is Obedient. A beacon serves its purpose continuously.
Is Humble. A beacon is not dependent on acknowledgements and appreciation.
Is Honest and Committed, willing to do Hardwork. A beacon sheds light to what is true; A beacon is purposefully built to withstand a violent storm.
Is Respectful and knows How to Respect others. The trustworthiness of a Beacon builds and earns respect.

Commitment for its' Meaningful Existence

“Whatever dreams you have in life, you can achieve through hard-earned education. Once you have completed your studies, the doors of opportunity will open up for you and from there, you can choose your pathway to your dreams.”

– Mercedes Salud de Villa


Offering multitudes of opportunities to quality education, discovering ones’ dream and empowering every student to achieve it – all of these and more is what Batangas Eastern Colleges lives for!

At BEC, we celebrate the individuality of every student and at the same time, introduces them to a bigger environment of real-life experiences.

Whether you are already a Beacon, or are considering to be part of BEC Family, we warmly invite you to browse our Academic Programs and learn more how we can help them start their important journey!

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